Welcome to the Marysville Rifle Club

We are a rifle, pistol, shotgun and muzzleloader club located on 20 beautiful acres near Lake Ki in Northern Snohomish County

Mission Statement

The objectives of this organization shall be: to improve and encourage the furtherance of the knowledge and skills of its members and the public in matters relating to the proper care and handling of firearms through educational and training programs; the management of target shooting ranges and competitions; and to develop amongst its members and the public, the qualities of leadership, loyalty, cooperation and good sportsmanship.


Are we open to the Public?

The Marysville Rifle Club is a membership club, however we have many disciplines and events that are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.


Looking for an open rifle range?

The Public Recreational Shooting Program is an organized service so non MRC members have a safe, organized place to shoot rifles and pistols. Open to the public on Thursdays 10am-4:30pm

Trap Shooting is open to the public Wednesdays 5pm - 8pm

Other events are listed on the Home page under "Shooting Sports"


NRA Courses

The Marysville Rifle Club is sponsoring a series of National Rifle Association training classes for individuals and prospective instructors. Among these are the Basic Personal Protection Inside the Home and the new Personal Protection Outside the Home class series, as well as the Advanced Defensive Pistol class

Click Here for more information.


Police Pistol Combat Competitions

Open to active and reserve law enforcement and affiliated military police.  Click here for more information.


Membership Notes


2017: TBD

MRC Work Parties

There will be a Work Party on the second Saturday of EVERY month!   Great way to earn your required points and have lunch too!


Please contact Curt Zuvela or any member of the E Board.

Hunter Education

Hunter Ed Classes Held At Marysville Rifle Club

Washington State Fish and Wild Life requires all persons born after January 1, 1972 to take either of two types of Hunter Education classes. The first type of Hunter Ed Class is the traditional class. The traditional class may take up to 20 hours of classroom time, live fire and student demonstration. The second type of Hunter Education class is the ”on line class”, which the student reviews the classroom material on line and takes the  on line test. If the student passes the test they are then required to perform the practical requirements ie. Load and unload, gun handling , and gun identification.

The student Must sign up on line to enroll in either type of Hunter Ed class.  In the Washington’s State 2012 Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations see Pg.91 for more information and Hunter Ed phone numbers.

Please Do Not Contact the Marysville Rifle Club and request to be enrolled in either of the two types of Hunter Ed Classes.  Hunter Ed instructors are not allowed to enroll students that have not signed up on line.

Thank You,

Bill Vincent

Hunter Ed.

Visit the Hunter Education page for more information.